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 Radio Interview on Religious/Atheist Dialogue Conference

QDombrowski FlickrFr. Carl Chudy, Provincial of the Xaverian Missionaries USA and Mr. Roy Sprechardt, Executive Director of the American Humanist Association were interviewed on WBAI radio, New York City,  in a program called EQUAL TIME FOR FREE THOUGHT with Barry Seidman on Saturday, September 19. The interview looked at our upcoming conference at Rutgers University on Atheist/Religous dialogue and collaboration. Listen to the interview here.

Social Media Sharing the Good News

SMG2ndEdJoin the Xaverian Missionaries and the NJ Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church on September 26, 2015 in a workshop on how to use all the new media tools for  sharing the Good News of the Gospel with the world. More on our Events page.

Models of Service: 5 part Video Presentation of Fr. Rocco Puopolo

Fr. Rocco Puopolo, Xaverian Missionary and Director of our Global Young Adult Mission Office. As we continue to celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life, we look to how religious in the Church today answer some of the deepest human needs and longings through their purpose and mission. Listen to these short videos and if so moved, reflect on how you can be a part of this audacious project called the global mission of the Church.

Part II: Bring on the Troubles Part III: Beyond Borders Part IV: Part of the Global Village Part V: Lens of an Architect

COMMON GROUND: Conference of Dialogue Between Atheists and Religious Believers

cg1Common Ground 2015 is an all-day conference, FREE and open to the general public, that aims to bring together religious believers, secular humanists, and nonbelievers in conversation to gain perspective on each other’s ways of seeing the world, while embracing commonalities in our human experience that unite us for social change.

Through four panel sessions and networking attendees will hear academics and leaders from national and local organizations discuss views on finding meaning in life, ethics and values, and how to collaborate for social action. Find out more on our Events Page.

 Co-sponsored by the American Humanist Association and the Xaverian Missionaries. Graciously hosted by Rutgers University.


Thursday October 8, 2015
Rutgers Student Center
126 College Ave., New Brunswick, NJ
8:00 am to 6:00 pm

 The Year of Consecrated Life

Costalogo_crossPope Francis is dedicating 2015 as the Year for Consecrated Life, emphasizing the gift of religious life in the Church today. Historically, since the300’s AD, religious life has continually grown and developed in response to crisis of the day and each religious congregation or order offers a specific charism or purpose which is meant to answer the deepest needs of humanity.   Check out the latest resources for the Year of Consecrated Life.


Global Mission Resources for Parishes

do908 laudato siWe are members of a universal Church that transcends national boundaries and calls us to live in solidarity and justice with the peoples of the world. As Catholics and Americans we are uniquely called to global solidarity.



Global Mission Resources for Schools

C16The Church in the United States must do her part in fulfilling God’s plan to reach the ends of the earth with Christ’s love. It is vitally important that those who are involved in the teaching ministry of the Church spread the Word. There are many ways to accomplish this: forming a network of concern and prayer for missions; inviting others to consider becoming missionaries; encouraging others to support missions with financial contributions. The Holy Spirit has given to those responsible for the formation of the disciples of this age a special grace to enlighten the minds of others. It is our hope that these minds will join more enthusiastically in our mission to the nations. CHECK OUT OUR LATEST EDUCATION RESOURCES FOR GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!

Conversations Among Humanists, Atheists and Religious Believers

The Xaverian Missionaries began the COMMON GROUND PROJECT is an attempt to bring C10humanists, atheists and religious believers together in a dialogue and a search for common ground. Today we have a special Meetup group of 49 members where we meet monthly to build bridges across the secular/religious divide.

Our next “Atheist/Theist Meetup” will be Sunday, September 27, at 3 pm at our Provincial House in Wayne, New New Jersey. If you are interested in joining us, register here. Check out and share our Common Group Social Network: CG Facebook Group – CG Twitter Feed.

Learn the Missionary Saint whose Heart Encompassed the World

 Explore our website exclusively dedicated to Saint Guido Maria Conforti, founder of  the Xaverian Missionaries. In it we wish to highlight the deeds and vision of our father Father and Founder, “a bishop whose heart embraced the world.” Guido Maria Conforti was proclaimed “Saint” by Pope Benedict XVI at St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, on October 23, 2011, World Mission Sunday. Over a hundred years have elapsed. Despite it sparse beginnings, that “small stone,” that tiny seed can today trace its offshoots to many lands, yet it retained its initial characteristic: to remain a “unpretentious family.” Xaverian missionaries are today present on four continents. From that sole sturdy stalk numerous spirited shoots sprout forth in continuity. These are the youth – of diverse churches, cultures, and nations – who commit themselves to serve within the universal Mission of the Church, to proclaim the “good news” to those who still know it not More…

 Our Mission & Vision

Inspired by St. Guido Conforti and St. Francis Xavier, we, Xaverian Missionaries, serve to keep the local Church aware of, engaged G2with and connected to the missionary mandate of the universal Church, principally by witnessing Jesus to those who have yet to know Him.
We are a religious missionary congregation of the Catholic Church that exclusively serves our commitment to share our faith beyond the boundaries of Christianity, with our brothers of sisters of different faiths and those who do not espouse any faith. We strive to inspire a new generation to the challenges this mission offers us today in a diverse and pluralistic world:


  •  Intercultural and interfaith dialogue;
  • Advocacy for and solidarity with the poor;
  • Sharing the legacy of our founder, St. Guido Conforti;
  • Telling the stories and witness of our missionaries in the variety of ministries and countries where we serve.

As a community of brothers among brothers from a variety of cultural and continental backgrounds, we are messengers of God’s love, witnesses of hope, and builders of God’s Kingdom, together becoming an example to the wider Church and world community that it is possible to be one as Jesus wills.  DOWNLOAD OUR FLYER HERE